Premier FAQ

Premier League FAQs

Do I need to register for evaluations?

Yes, both current and new players need to register for Evaluations.

When will I know what team I am on?

Teams will be formed during the evaluation process and players will be notified via email or phone call by their coach shortly after.

What days will my team practice?

  • The practice schedule will be formed by the Coach and Club in June.
  • We do our best to work around the players' schedules.

Do I need to order new uniforms?

  • This year we will be introducing a new uniform.
  • Uniform ordering information will be sent out after tryouts.

Are there scholarships?

  • We have a “needs” based scholarship program.
  • Applications will be available after the evaluation process has finished.

Can I play up an age group?

Players that are already playing an age group up do not need to complete the evaluation process on age. If you wish to play up, please contact Matt Hollyoak [email protected].