College Soccer


At Clay County Soccer Club it is our goal to assist our young soccer players to one day play college soccer. There are plenty of opportunities to play soccer in college, however, it takes time, dedication and a well devised plan in order to earn a scholarship.

Clay County Soccer Club is dedicated to providing players the opportunity to play soccer at the collegiate level. In this section of our website, we will provide valuable information on the college soccer process and what needs to be achieved each year building up to signing day.

Throughout the process, it is important to attend ID camps and reputable college show case camps. They give you a fantastic opportunity to get to know different coaches within the college game. The Boy’s and Girl’s college showcase camps at Clay County Soccer Club have a proven track record in helping future athletes get noticed.

The College Process



Initially it is important to research the schools that you are interested in. Going to schools websites, talking to friends and family members, and reviewing college guides and publications are a great way to begin the process. Remember – pick schools for education and NOT soccer. You should also consider the size, cost, location and available scholarships at the school.


  • It is important to familiarize yourself with the SAT/ACT and try to take the PSAT. The PSAT is a good way to familiarize yourself with standardized testing, and to get an idea of how you will need to prepare for the SAT/ACT. It will also give you an idea of how you will score, allowing you to narrow your search further.
  • You can now send emails and letters to coaches notifying them you are interested in playing soccer with their program. Also send coaches your resume along with your game schedules for your sophomore and junior year.
  • At this point you may also want to visit a few schools on unofficial visits.

JUNIOR YEAR (11th Grade) The most important year!

  • You MUST continue the research process. Try to narrow your search down to 5 schools that you really like. Try to pick a good variety of schools.
  • Follow up with coaches to make sure they have received your emails and letters. You can also ask one of your DOC’s to help with the follow up process.
  • As of September 1 of your Junior Year you can begin to receive recruiting materials and emails from College Coaches. Be sure to reply to schools of interest to keep the lines of communication open.


  • Register with NCAA Eligibility Center;
  • After July 1st, you can now phone college coaches and talk to them. They may contact you once per week. You are able to contact them as many times as you would like throughout the week.

SENIOR YEAR (12th Grade)

  • Review all of the academic requirements and be sure you stay on track. Make appointments with your High School Guidance Counselor to help you with this.
  • Apply to all Universities/Colleges that you are interested in attending. You must work directly with your contacts at each school to verify the application process.
  • Take up to 5 official visits if you are not yet committed. Do not be discouraged if you have not yet committed to a school, it is very common. Please understand that college coaches often fill their rosters over the final stages of the recruiting process.
  • Sign official letter of intent (Spring semester).